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Spiral Heat Exchangers made of Plastic Materials

Makatec supplies a low-priced heat exchanger made of spiral-wound plastic films in order to reduce the costs for a heat transfer significantly, especially in view of the high requirements regarding resistance to chemicals and corrosion. The Makatec heat exchanger has been designed for the heat transfer between fluids.

Benefits of the Makatec Polymer Spiral Heat Exchanger:

· Non-corroding: The Makatec heat exchanger is completely made of plastic material. There is no danger of corrosion like in the use of metal.

· Made for aggressive fluids: The plastics can be chosen depending on their application so that they are chemically inert.

· Good performance: With k-values of up to 1.8 kW/m2K – a multiple of other polymer heat exchangers – these heat exchangers are comparable to conventional plate heat exchangers made of stainless steel. The chosen materials make pressure resistance throughout the complete aproved temperature spectrum possible.

· Low costs: The prime costs for end consumers can be significantly reduced as compared to conventional, welded stainless steal heat exchangers.

· Insulation: The structure leads to a highly self-insulating effect. In many cases additional insulation becomes dispensable.

· Low weight: Weight reduction by substituting metal by plastic.

· Low inside-volume: Due to their wound-pattern structure Makatec heat exchangers achieve very high bulk densities.

· Minimum “fouling”: The smooth surfaces of the plastics which are used reduce the risk of residue build-up inside the heat exchanger. The danger of microbial contamination is thereby minimized.

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